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The Edge Hpl- Specialist In Health & Performance Nutrition, Advanced Physiological Testing

The Edge HPL are experts in health and performance nutrition. They provide entirely Personalised Health and Performance Nutrition Plans, as well as Advanced Physiological Testing to help you better understand your unique physiology and metabolism.
We all know how difficult it can be to sustain good nutritional habits in such a fast-paced modern world. This is where The Edge HPL can support you, and your family, to create nutritional plans that are personalised and realistic to your lifestyle. 
Whether you're a busy parent, entrepreneur, executive or an athlete; they will help you form habits that benefit your long-term health, wellbeing and day-to-day performance.

Here's what a recent parent and businesswoman had to say, "For such b usy human beings with high-stress work, children, a dog and then general life to contend with, I am so surprised at just how much of an effect the simple things that are suggested work. I’m extremely happy with how much more energy I have but also it’s been nice to see the physical changes happening. Thank you for all the incredible support so far."

As well as nutrition, The Edge HPL's highly qualified professionals also offer a range of gold-standard health and performance tests, including: 
- Metabolism checks (health, speed & fat burning)

- Blood tests (for health and performance)

- Body composition analysis 

- Sweat analysis / personalised hydration plans
- Cardiorespiratory fitness testing (VO2max, ventilatory thresholds & heart-rate training zones)

The five core tests feed directly into their Personalised Nutrition Programmes to  allow a highly informed and personalized approach.  These tests are an optional addition but are recommended to better track your progress over time and help you reach your goals faster. 

You can find The Edge HPL located within The Leatherhead Club.

Pop in to discuss how they could help you or click here to find out more.

The Edge HPL Website 

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